Wednesday, July 17, 2013

June 15, 2013 letter, first talk in Sacrament Meeting, D&C 88:81

                                                                                                15 June 2013

Hey family :) 

I can't believe another week has gone by! I'm almost done with my first transfer!! It's very exciting but also kinda scary to see who and where I'll be in the next little while. I feel like I'm just barely getting to really know the ward and area! We'll see what happens ;) haha

This past week was a pretty tough week. We had a lot of appointments cancel and things fall through. It's always discouraging when that happens but we have kept working hard and saw a lot of blessings Saturday night and all Sunday! :) 

Sonya is progressing and is still committing to cutting back on smoking! She has come to church several weeks in a row and the members are really reaching out to her which is helping sooo much. 

Saturday morning we got a referral from the Haitian elders that had found a Haitian who spoke enough English for us to teach him. Later that night we had already planned out to go tracting in a certain part of town and we found a Haitian family. They invited us into their home for us to share a message with them and to pray with them. We didn't realize until later that that was the same Haitian family that the Elders had given us that morning! The funny thing is that they didn't mention meeting the elders. So funny! Anyways, crazy miracle that we ran into them. Then Ronald, the 28 year old son showed up to church and stayed! There were a ton of people welcoming him with open arms and I think he really enjoyed it. 

Yesterday was a super crazy day. Us sisters had to give talks in sacrament meeting on missionary work! I spoke on D&C 88:81 which pretty much says that those that have been warned and told the restored gospel (aka the members AND missionaries) are all to go out and warn others. I will have to send you my talk through the mail so you can read it. After sacrament meeting we had so many people coming up to us with referrals and wanting to help. I also watched the members reach out to the investigators a lot throughout church and the spirit was so strong because everyone was working together! It was so awesome! I hope that they are able to stay motivated to help reach out. 

The coolest thing happened after church, a member came up to me with tears streaming down her face as she told me that she saw angels standing behind me as I spoke in Sacrament meeting. How amazing is that? She said that she kept taking her glasses off, wiping them and putting them back on to make sure she was seeing correctly but she couldn't deny what she saw. Wow... so cool. It reminds me of the scripture found in D&C 84:88 which says that the Lord's spirit will be in my heart and His angels round about me as I go forth with His work. You should read that scripture ;) It was a super amazing thing to hear and I too began to tear up seeing how overwhelmed she was with what she saw. This might sound weird... but I really wish I had been able to see that!!!! haha! It makes me wonder who those angels were and if I know them :) It's such a comforting feeling to know that I really am doing the Lord's work and that His angels, possibly even my close loved ones, are there helping me on the other side at all times. I couldn't ask for a bigger blessing out here on the mission. I am in good hands :) 

We went to a baptism on Saturday and I played the piano for it all, plus a musical number for a family that sang. It feels good to play the piano again! I miss it. After the baptism, the Relief Society president and her family took us to dinner at Four Rivers... the best BBQ place EVER!!! It was sooo good!!! oh great... now I'm all hungry... haha! I didn't realize when she was taking pictures of me on her phone that she was planning on sending it to you! It was SO fun to see your cute faces and to hear from you! She text and read what you had to say. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!! =D It helped put me back into perspective that there is a world outside of missionary work. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to be doing this forever hahaha 

Today we have District Prep day. We are going out bowling and eating! AND we got permission to go do all that in pants!!! WHAT?! big news! hahaha It should be fun. Hopefully I'll get over 100 pts ;) 

We got a call from some elders yesterday needing some information and at the end of the call, one of the elders asked if I knew Greg Allison from Cottonwood Heights!! I got excited to tell him it was my uncle. He said that he knew of me the week that I got my call. Kinda fun! haha It was Elder Weston that is in the Allison's ward. Kinda fun! Tell the Allisons hello and that I love them :) 

You should know... I'm sitting in the library trying to email you guys and there is a little show going on for kids... and they are playing all Phillip Phillips music. I love Phillip Phillips…especially “Home”, ugh! kill me!!! ;) hahahaha actually the kids are super loud and distracting and I'm kinda having a hard time focusing on what I'm writing.. hahaha

I am having a hard time remembering what else has gone on this week.. it really has just been a tough week and been doing a lot of back up plans because of things falling through. We are doing good though and things are looking up! :) 

I sure love you guys. I say this every week, but I absolutely love getting letters from you guys and hearing how you are doing. I can't believe that we are half way through July already.. it blows my mind. Summer is half way gone for you guys! what?! Angie.... you have some exciting times ahead :) GET EXCITED!!!!!! There are several BYU Alumni in my ward and they are always talking about BYU sports... I'm so glad that you got your All Sports Pass. You'll be glad you did! It's so much fun!! :) When do you move in?? 

I better get going, I love you all sooo much! Although things have been tough this week, I'm doing great and feel comforted and loved knowing that I am a disciple of Christ and that I have His support in all that I do. I have seen and know that God is blessing our family while I'm out here. It's amazing! :)
I LOVE YOU!!!!! Until next week :) 

-Sister Kirkham

P.S. I forgot to mention... an embarrassing thing happened a couple weeks ago. I was at a members home and one of the members was asking what everyone wanted to drink. He asked, "Katie, what would you like to drink?" and I immediately responded... to realize several seconds later that he wasn't talking to me... he was talking to his daughter Katie...hahahaha For safety reasons, etc. we are advised to not give out our first names... it was an awkward but funny moment!! haha!  Yes, I'm still blonde ;) but I'm getting use to not listening for my first name any more ;) the things about being a greeny! love it!!! and love you! 



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  1. You met Elder Weston! Isn't he awesome?! He has so much energy and kindness. I am so glad you met him. I feel we are connected somehow though we are miles apart because of this experience. :)

    You have angels round about you to bear you up! Sister Kirkham, this is so awesome and true! I believe families are forever and you have much support on the other side of the veil as well as this side. When Uncle Mark went out on his mission years ago, I had a similar experience. Grandpa was giving him a blessing in our huge living room at the house on Oakview Drive before he was about to leave for his mission. As the blessing was said I felt an impression that the huge living room was filled with angels supporting him, even your great Grandpa Hobbs! I believe you are being supported in this great work and you are an excellent missionary. Keep up the good work Sister Kirkham! Love, Aunt Janice
    P.S. I am using my google account from work that is why you see me as Mrs. Allison. :)