Monday, August 19, 2013

"We're fixin' to lose Lehi!"

                                                                                                            19 August 2013

Hey family :) 

This past week has by far the fastest week of the mission. It went by so fast! Just about 5 minutes ago I got to see the one and only Sister Kara Allred for the first time out in the mission!!!! Oh my goodness it is so exciting to see her here! It's so weird but so awesome. She is in my zone. Apparently she was almost a part of my district but they got switched out last second... :( bummer. Oh well it's awesome to see her. She is going to be taking us to Zone Conference this week because we are without a car this week. so fun! )

 This week we made even more progress with John. We were talking about his Book of Mormon reading and he began explaining what he had read at the beginning of 2 Nephi and he said "We are fixin' to lose Lehi here soon!!” hahaha! Oh my goodness. Sister Hoyt and I just busted up laughing. It hit our funny bones pretty hard. I love those moments of hard laughter. It's such a good stress reliever and feels so good. haha! We also took him on a tour of the church this week. He has back problems and sometimes he falls over when he walks so he has been nervous to come to church. Taking him to the church, having him sit in the benches and see what he would be doing really helped him and he seemed a lot more confident! The problem that we have with him right now is he is working on chewing tobacco. He just bought about $50 of chew before we taught him the Word of Wisdom... not good... but we are working on that with him! We have a baptismal date goal of September 7th. Hopefully it works out!!! 

The other night I made a wrong turn and so we decided to drop by Yirette's place (the girl that we have had a hard time seeing for a couple weeks.) We dropped by and finally she was there!!! We were able to set up a time with her and were able to show her the movie “Finding Faith in Christ.” It went really well and the spirit was so strong. It's crazy how church movies and stuff like that are even more powerful when you are out on the mission. 

Sister Hoyt has been having a hard time with sleepwalking and stuff again... which doesn't help my sleeping all that much. I feel bad for her and I wish I could do more for her! She is getting help to try and help her sleep better. We have been closing our bedroom door at night and the other morning we woke up to the bedroom door open and the kitchen sink running...! kinda scary haha!  Keep her in your prayers! 

We have District Prep Day today and we are going to a glow in the dark mini golf place. Should be fun! My email time got cut short because of it... sorry :( but I'll try and send more in a letter if I have time after mini golf. Thanks for all you do and for all your support. 

Stay close to the Lord and always look for His hand in your life. He is with you every day!!! I'm so excited to hear about work and school starting up at home. Keep me updated on how things go and tell all my friends coming home from missions that I love them and give them a big hug for me :) I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk to you next week =D 


Sister Katie Kirkham


P.S. Sister Hoyt's MTC teacher was Payton Holt and we just connected that today. How funny is that?! Tell Payton congrats on his engagement! love you :) 

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