Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Miracle: Ed poured his alcohol down the drain!


I feel so bad because I really don't have any time to write today. Transfers are tomorrow and Sister PItts is moving :( I'm so sad that she is going but I'm excited and a little nervous for the next transfer! I'm now going to be with Sister Damato. She is a recent convert as of about two years! She seems awesome. I'm nervous to move the work forward in this area because my area is SUPER hard and has that reputation... but I'm working hard and moving forward in faith that we will see miracles. I can't believe that the end of next transfer will be December. Time is flying by. 

A miracle that happened this past week was Ed poured out all of his alcohol!!!! He doesn't want to be baptized until the first week in December because he wants to make sure that he is totally off of alcohol. Kind of a bummer that Ed’s baptism is pretty far in the future but we have faith that things are going to work out :) Michele seems so happy as a new member! She is so good for Ed. She is very firm and strong in her belief.

My district went to the beach again this morning! We wanted to get together one last time before transfers. I've loved this district but the elders are a bit crazy!
A lot really hasn't happened since Michele’s baptism last weekend. We have to get home so that Sister Pitts can pack :( I'm so sorry that I can't say more... but HOPEFULLY I'll be able to write more while she is packing. 
I love you guys so much!!!!! If you could mail me your emails this week that would be awesome... cause I wasn't able to read them this time :( sorry haha !
You are always in my prayers!!!! 


Sister Kirkham

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