Sunday, January 26, 2014

Feeling the Spirit Guide Me in Teaching

Family!                                                     January 21, 2014

It's been another tough week of finding but we are hanging in there! At the beginning of the week we knocked on a less active's door and the moment she opened it, she started crying. She said that her best friend had died just the night before and she had prayed that the missionaries would come see her... she didn't have anyway of getting in contact with her so she was desperate. It truly was an answer to prayers that we would show up at her door the very next morning! It's always so neat to recognize the Lord guiding us as missionaries to where we most need to be. :) 

Another cool miracle that happened this week is that we an appointment set up with a member to talk about missionary work. Every other time that we have gone over, the member's non-member husband would always be put off and keep his distance from us missionaries... but as we were getting ready to start the lesson I invited him to join us. He protested a little and asked what we were going to talk about...and to my surprise the word "faith" came out of my mouth... which is not at all what we had been planning... hahaha We had to immediately change our lesson from missionary work to something that would help this man.... we definitely had a prayer in our heart as we began the lesson! We talked about faith in Jesus Christ and it was a very powerful lesson! This wife and husband hadn't prayed or read the scriptures together in years but their hearts were softened and they agreed to begin doing so. The husband made a comment that joining with us made him miss coming closer to the Lord... it was really sweet to see the Spirit working on him and softening His heart to the message and to us missionaries. Although there was no sign of accepting the restored gospel, I truly felt in my heart that it was a big step that needed to happen for this man to accept it later on :) 

We had dinner with Ed and Michele this past week. After dinner, Ed really wanted to show us his testimony/conversion story that he had written up on the computer. It was still a rough draft and no one else had read it yet but him. We all gathered around the computer and Michele read it out loud to us... Ed was crying through most of it. It was the sweetest testimony that I have ever heard. It touched me so deeply to hear how the restored gospel has changed his life... He started out by talking about how his marriage with Michele was practically over... but as they felt the power of the Atonement in their lives, they came to love each other more than ever. At the very end of it, he pretty much proposed to Michele again by asking if he could take her to be sealed in the temple next year.....! ahhhhh..... I feel like I talk about this every time I write home.... but I just can't explain the joy that I feel from knowing Ed and Michele. They have touched my life forever and I will never be able to forget them. I am so happy for them and the life that they are leading! That same night they showed me that they have hung up that First Vision picture right next to their front door :) They love it!! They are both doing so well!! Michele is planning on giving a lesson in Relief Society next week! woo! (she's pretty nervous) and Ed has been sharing the gospel with people in the gym, waiting for a car oil change, etc. They are both so awesome and so excited. :) 

Well, I better get going... but I love you guys!!! MUAH!


Sister Kirkham

P.S. the mission is having a training by Elder Nelson this Saturday on online work! woo! It will pretty awesome :) 

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