Monday, December 15, 2014

Missionary Badge Miracle! You don't have to wear a badge to be a missionary!

Family!!!                                          December 8, 2014

I saw some awesome miracles this past week that I want to share with you!

Last Monday, Sister Gonzalez and I did our shopping at Walmart, went to the church to email and then played soccer and other games for a District P-day. After the District P-day was over... I realized that I didn't have my name tag on.... ah! We retraced our steps and looked EVERYWHERE... including searching every square inch of the soccer field for that thing! I was so sad when we couldn't find it.... it has been the one and only name tag that I have used my whole mission... and all the other name tags that I have broke in my bag... haha I was super worried about not having a name tag for the last 2 weeks of my mission! I was praying about it all day. That night when we got home, I cleared off everything on my desk, looking everywhere for it. Sister Gonzalez also thoroughly checked my desk and we both decided that the next morning I would call Walmart to see if it was at their Lost and Found. That night I was praying real hard to be able to find that name tag... it might seem strange... but to me it was a big learning moment: I asked God what I needed to learn from this experience of losing my name tag because it seemed to have just vanished in thin air. I got a very clear answer come to me that said, "You don't need a name tag to be a missionary." Bam! That answer hit me so hard! It is neat to see how the Lord is preparing me to continue helping this work move forward when I'm home :) The next morning, we were about 30 minutes into personal study and I decided to call Walmart. My heart sunk when they said they hadn't found anything. :( Now this is the crazy part: I kid you not..... I got off the phone, and RIGHT NEXT TO MY ARM... RIGHT AT THE EDGE OF MY DESK... in PLAIN SIGHT.... was my name tag!!!!!!!!!! I picked it up in shock and started to cry a little as Sister Gonzalez and I just stared at it... I PROMISE you... there is NO WAY that we would have missed seeing that name tag... Both Sister Gonzalez and I searched my desk multiple times and... it was just RIGHT THERE!!! It was truly a miracle. The name tag just.... appeared. I don't know how else to explain it. There is no way that either one of us would have missed seeing it while looking for it, as we had cleaned on P-day and even while I was studying for 30 minutes prior that morning! I'm still in shock with how it happened... I have no idea how to explain or put it all together... because it doesn't make sense other than that it was by the hand of God. GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS!!! Most of the time, He may not answer in just huge and sudden ways.. but sometimes.. He does answer in miraculous ways. I'll never forget that!

I went on exchanges to the YSA Buena Vista Ward. The majority of the YSA are part of the Disney College Program… (aka: Disney Princesses, etc.) I'm sure Angie would die to be apart of that ward for a summer haha! When we were on exchanges we went to the Disney CP Housing to contact... but the security is super crazy. We only had a small patch of sidewalk that we could walk up and down to talk to the students as they were going to and from the bus stop. We got to talk to all kinds of people from all over the world. Real neat. The coolest miracle happened as we were talking to people! We saw these 6 Brazilian girls walking home and were struggling with their grocery bags. We were able to help them with their stuff and started talking to them as we headed to the gates of their complex. We were super worried that we were going to lose contact with them as we approached the gates because you have to go through this crazy process of being signed in by a gate guard which is quite annoying and takes several minutes... but they were all for signing us in and we were able to go with them to their apartment to share a message with them!! The YSA sister missionary that I was with was super stoked because that was the first time that she had ever been invited in! Once in the apartment, the 6 girls crowded around us to watch the new Christmas video, 'He is the Gift' and by the end.. every girl was CRYING! They loved it sooo much and were sooo excited for us to come back and share more with them! They were the ones that came up with the idea of adding us on Facebook and getting our numbers, etc. wow! It was so cool!! I'm really excited to hear what has happened with them sense!

We had a really powerful lesson with Dave this past week. We watched 'Finding Faith in Christ' and you could tell that he felt the spirit so strong! He had more questions on different stories of Christ and so we were able to relate a lot of those stories to his needs and questions and you could tell it was a really good thing for him. I talked to him on Sunday and he seemed really touched by a lot of things that he is seeing in his life right now and it's really strengthening his faith.

I had my last MLC meeting! I really like MLC. It makes you so excited and pumped to go out and tell the whole world about the gospel as well as to be of better help to the sisters under my stewardship. It was sad for that to be my last time because for the first time I felt like the mission was replacing me and moving on. Sad realization. I was asked to give a departing testimony to the MLC. I bore my testimony on love, service and sacrifice for the Lord, people of Florida and those under our stewardship. I really am so grateful for the opportunities that I have had to help and serve the sisters in the mission. One big thing that I have learned is to find success through the sisters success as you put forth the help them first before yourself. As D&C 117:3 says.. the Lord sees our sacrifices more sacred than our increase :)

The Jean family is doing okay. The teenagers.. are being teenagers.. so we are trying to work that out... but Sylotte, the mom, came to church for the first time yesterday!!! It was super exciting to have her there. :)

Sister Blessing, a less active, came to church for the first time in YEARS this Sunday!! I was so proud of her! She really is looking to come back. She really liked it. Elder Soarez of the 70 was actually apart of our Fast and Testimony Meeting yesterday and he bore a really powerful testimony which matched EXACTLY with the circumstances with which Sister Blessing is going through at this time. I really feel like his testimony did all of us good... but if nothing else, he was meant to be there for Sister Blessing. After he was done baring his testimony, Sister Blessing whispered, "woah." haha It was amazing how God knows the thoughts and intents of our hearts and that we can receive answers to our prayers through unexpected ways through people!

We had another temple service last week and the whole Zone was together for it. It also just so happened to be President's birthday that day... so I called him up on the phone and with a 1,2,3 the whole zone got to sing happy birthday to him :) That was pretty fun!!

I can't believe that I am turning 22 this week. Ew. hahaha I feel like that is so old! I feel so blessed to have spent my whole 21st year to have served the Lord and His children!! There really is no better way that I could have kick started my adult life. haha :)

I love you guys so much! I really am excited for the miracles that the Lord will continue to rain down upon us this next week. Enduring to the end!! BUT!! I'm so excited to continue serving and helping when I get home among the ward family and those that I love.


-Sister Kirkham

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