Sunday, November 10, 2013

Handwritten Letter, Nov. 4th


Oh my gosh!…I love getting letters and emails from you. Thank you so much for them. I eat up every word that you guys send my way. Funny how when times are more challenging on the mission, how much sweeter your letters are as well as how much more emotional I am when I read them haha! Do you guys see a lot more missionaries around now or would you say its about the same? I still catch myself every once in a awhile realizing … “Whoa! I’m really a missionary!” haha, it’s weird to actually be one of those kids you always see.

It’s crazy that we are down to 12-13 fast Sundays before I return…so weird! Time is going fast but so slow all at the same time. I just can’t believe that it’s November.  It’s finally cooling down here enough to make me feel like it’s the beginning of September…yet Winter is creeping up on us! I can’t believe you got snow!!! It’s so weird and such a foreign thought to think that I’m still sweating most days when I go outside. hahaha! I also can’t believe that I’ll be 21 in December! THAT’S GROSS! AHHH! HAHA!

I’ve talked to Ed about moving his baptismal date up…he wants President Henderson to confirm him but they are going to be out of town for Thanksgiving so they wouldn’t be able to move it a week earlier…and I guess any sooner than that is too soon for Michele L I want to cry every time I think that I could be missing Ed’s baptism. I just feel bad trying to push it closer for selfish reasons. I really don’t think it’s going to change though. They are pretty set for December 7th L

That’s great that you went to see Jonny Byrne is a play! How did things go with the play? You know…for some reason I’ve actually had these thoughts that maybe I should write him a letter…he is such a good friend. Do you have an address for him?

Dad, it sounds like you had an awesome time 4-wheeling and shooting! Where in Utah did you go? I would love to go shooting when I get home!!!! So Dad, were you able to talk about the gospel to the guys you were with? I thought all of them were members. That’s so awesome!!!! I get so excited when I hear that you guys are reaching out to others :D

I sure miss Snowflake. How is her health? I always think of her when I see dogs…which is a lot...haha!

I’m sorry to hear that Lori Sim’s dad died. That was nice of Angie to help out though. Pass on my love to the Sims!

Here in New Smyrna Beach (well, I’m actually serving in Port Orange,) we have full use of a car, but limited miles so we use our bikes a lot. I always feel like I’ve worked extra hard on bike days.  New Smyrna Beach has the most shark attacks in the world or nation..can’t remember. Kind of crazy…so when we come to Florida, let’s not swimming here okay? Hahaha!

Mom it sounds like you had an awesome school day on Halloween! How fun! You are the best teacher there is Mom! I wish you could have been my teacher…haha! That’s great that you had such good support from parents as well :D

I haven’t heard from anyone in the Admission’s Office L L They sent me a package when I first went to the M.T.C. and I loved it. I sent them a letter with a picture of Sister Allred and I together a couple of weeks ago but I don’t know if anyone is going to respond. I would LOVE it if they would!!!! I miss all of them, especially Travis and Sue L L If you see them Angela, pass on my love as well as let them know they need to write me?! Haha!:D

That’s so fun that you got to talk with Elder Nelson at the grocery store, Mom and Angela! Thanks for passing along his advice to me D: He’s totally right…the mission really will be over all too soon. Right now it feels like I have a long way ahead of me but I look back and can’t believe that I have been gone since June…weird. Do you know why he is coming to Orlando in January? That would be awesome if I got to see him and talk to him! That’s so exciting that Danny Smith is home!  Who else is home?

I’ve been carrying a heavy load lately…it’s true. But I have faith that things will get easier and better as time moves faster. Thanks so much for your support, love and prayers.

Angie, did I forget to tell you about Halloween at BYU? It’s so hilarious!!!! What other costumes did you see? Last year a huge group of kids met outside the …oh no…I can’t remember the name of the building ! Is it the JFSB? The newer one? Hahaha! Oh gosh! Well they met outside there and danced Gangnan style! Haha! pretty funny.

Angela, I’m so sorry to hear that it is so tough to say goodbye to your friends leaving on missions. It’s hard to say bye to friends. I remember how hard it was freshman year. You get so sick of saying goodbye to people. Things will get better :D Although your missionary friends and I aren’t a phone call away…you can still write and email us!!! Seriously, if you every want to just let your thoughts out, write them on paper…do it in a letteror email to me, okay? We will both benefit from it :D hahaha! But really… know that I’m always thinking about you and praying for you. I miss you so much but the time is getting closer and closer all the time until we will be together again :D Just think, we will be together at Christmas time next year!!!! Are you still writing to Zach, Matt, Connor, Cole and T.J.? How are they?

I love my mission. You learn so much more about the gospel out here. It’s the hardest thing I have EVER done in my life, by far the hardest.  I don’t regret one moment of it at the same time. I have come to know my Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ more than I ever think I would have otherwise.  He is watching over all of you and will answer your prayers as you humbly ask Him for guidance and help.

Angie, you should know that I wear our necklace every day and the “HOPE” ring you gave me at Christmas last year. Yes, every day. I love them :D

I love you guys so much! I’m out of time so I better go…but know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

I love YOU!!!!


Sister Kirkham

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