Friday, November 22, 2013

Smoke Alarms, Ice Cream and Baptismal Interviews!!!

                                                                                    November 18, 2013


It gets harder every week to remember what happened since last Monday... the days blur together  and then the weeks blur together and my mind and memory can't keep up with it all! Hahaha  I'll try my best to give you some of the highlights of the past week though :)

It was Sister Damato's birthday last Tuesday so we got sooo much junk food! Cake, fudge, lots and lots of ice cream, brownies..... ahhhh……we don't know what to do with all of it! We have been trying every chance we get to give it to people… hahaha!  Brother Westcott, in the ward, showed up early Tuesday morning with two bouquets of yellow flowers for us. It was so cute of him. They are so beautiful!!! Getting flowers just brightens up your whole day… plus it brightens up our whole apartment!  It was very sweet of him.

Cool story of the week: Sister Damato and I had dropped by to try and see a media referral that wasn't home. We were getting back in the car and had this strong impression that we needed to knock just a few homes on the street we were on. The second door that we knocked on was an elderly lady named Shirley. We asked if she could use a prayer and she really appreciated it. As we first began talking she was in awe at how much I looked like her niece. Apparently her niece had just been diagnosed with MS and is going through a really tough time. She had this impression that she needed to call her niece but she had been putting it off... When she saw us she knew she really needed to call her. She kept saying over and over again that she knew that God had sent us to her. I said a prayer and at the end of the prayer, Shirley had tears streaming down her face. We asked if she had a picture she could show us of her niece and at first she said "no" but then after a few minutes she let us inside and showed us a picture. The spirit was working on her!! The more we talked, the more she opened up to us. She told us that her husband had suddenly died of a heart attack in under 10 minutes. She said that she couldn't figure out what it was... but that she knew that she was missing something in her life. She wasn't depressed, but she wasn't happy. Times like these remind me of the Book of Mormon where Ammon was filled with joy when he saw that his brethren were going through a hard time... he wasn't happy because they were suffering, but he was happy that it would give them an opportunity to accept the Gospel. I truly felt that way as we told her that we knew what she was missing and asked if we could share a message with her. We ended teaching her the Plan of Salvation for about an hour and she was very intrigued with the thought of the Three Degrees of Glory and that she could be sealed to her husband in the temple. She asked us to add and to the bookmark tabs on her computer and asked for the Plan pamphlet. She was soaking it all in!! She then gave us a referral to go meet her grandson. Hahaha! It was such a powerful lesson of the Plan. She then told us a very cool story about how she knows that there is a life after this:

After her husband had passed away, she was kneeling down in her living room bawling her eyes out in prayer to God to give her comfort and a sign that her husband was okay. All of a sudden her smoke alarm in the hallway went off. She ran to the hall and could feel a distinct feeling of warmth directly under the fire alarm. She KNEW in her heart that it was her husband that was wanting her to know that he was ok. She said that she hugged the warmth until it dispersed.... such a cool story. Unfortunately, she didn't want to set up another appointment with us but she said that she was definitely going to pray and read about what we told her and that she would call us.... :/ We will try and go back this week to see what's been going on. She was very, very appreciative of us and kept saying that she just knew that God had brought us to her doorstep that night because someone knew that she was feeling very depressed and lonely. You really want more miracles to come from moments like that…and they may! But, even if you don't get to see them... it is so rewarding to know that no matter what the results of your service and efforts, that you are helping people increase their faith in Jesus Christ. The mission becomes so much easier when you realize that your efforts- big and small- are all just as important to help others come unto Him.

We were able to fill out Ed's baptismal records this past week! We went to Ritter's (a good ice cream place) to celebrate. Yesterday, a member of the mission presidency came for Ed's baptismal interview. Ed was nervous but I had total confidence. President Pratt came out of the interview saying that the spirit was very strong in the interview and that Ed and Michele were going to make a very strong member family... which I couldn't agree more!!! I wish I could show you how strong and faithful they really are. They are both so inspiring and I love them both so much. As President Pratt was talking about how amazing both Ed and Michele are (he also interviewed Michele for her baptism), Ed began to choke up with tears again. Every time Ed starts choking back tears from feeling the spirit I immediately start to as well... hahaha! His baptism is this Saturday at 6!! =D I'm SOOO excited for him!!!! He is so ready! He can't wait for the weekend. He did ask something of me though. He especially asked that I would sing at his baptism............. ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! Let's just say I'm freaking out inside.... hahahaha!  Let's just say that I don't feel comfortable singing in front of people.... ESPECIALLY when it's a solo!!! Sister Damato doesn't sing.... so it's all me.... yikes!!! I hate to ask for this.... but please pray for me that I can bring the spirit to his baptism!! I told Ed that it was a good thing I love him because I will only sing for a certain few.

I'm trying to remember what else happened this week.... haha…oh! My District Leader called this morning to tell us that our district (of 3 companionships, the smallest District in the zone,) is doing the best in  the whole zone! As a District we more than doubled the number of Progressing Investigators and those that came to church ... the zone leaders gave us District goals and we more than doubled (and sometimes tripled!) all of those goals!!! I can't get too confident or feel too comfortable in the work... because that's when God humbles me ;) but it is always so nice and reassuring to hear of our good work and effort. It's awesome!

Well, I'm out of time! We are getting together with the elders in the district and our playing volleyball! woot woot! Hopefully I don't make too big a fool of myself. I'm excited to play though! It should be fun :) You should know, there has been a couple cold days here but it's back up to the high 70's this morning. There is such a small difference in weather here that it just blows my mind that it's almost December! haha! Can't believe it! I hope that everything goes well this week. I love you all so much and am so grateful for all that you do :) I love you!!!!!!


Sister Kirkham

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