Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It's Christmas Adam! Merry Christmas!

Family!!                                                                            12/23/2013

Wow! I can't believe that it's Christmas Adam! haha! Time is flying.... just like Santa's sleigh and reindeer... haha.. anyways! wow! Where to start with this week. We have seen a lot of miracles. I really don't have a whole lot of time to write... but I will try my best to write the highlights! 

We had a lesson earlier this week with Jesse and Meradith (the investigators we found on my birthday). The spirit was very strong as we talked. The most surprising part was that Meradith had started reading from the Book of Mormon and was all the way to Words of Mormon! So sweet! I think she understood a big majority of it as well. :) A couple days later we had a second lesson with them and committed both Jesse and Meradith to be baptized on January 18th! I know that Meradith is feeling the spirit guide her. Jesse is going along with it but we are hoping that it becomes more sincere as time goes. They need some time to prepare for baptism... but with a broken heart and contrite spirit all is possible! :) We have high hopes that things will work out for them. They had both met missionaries back in Tennessee but moved for Jesse's work. There are small miracles left and right that have been showing them the restored gospel. :) 

Ed and Michele are doing well! Ed had a meeting with the bishop and is planning on getting the priesthood pretty soon. We are so excited for him! Today is actually his one month mark since he got baptized!!! I can't believe that it's been that long already.... They got me a cute, green Christmas scarf. So cute! love them. 

We had a less active member named Shawn come to church for the first time in YEARS. A member of the bishopric was totally floored when he saw him at church. We had a lesson with him and he is really just trying to change his life around for the better. I've come to learn on the mission how sweet the joy and spirit is of those that need not just to be found... but those that need to be rescued. There are so many members of the church that have lost their way and simply just need direction and love to know how to feel the love of the Savior again. It's so exciting to see them return! We had another less active couple return and go to church for the past two weeks as well and hope that we can continue helping them return.

Dakota is getting baptized this next Saturday! We are so happy that this time has finally come for him. He is such a sweet kid. I can't believe that he is Rilee's age... just blows my mind. He's got good support within the family and within the ward so we see a bright future for him. Continue to keep him in your prayers especially during this last week before his baptism! 

On Friday we had a Trainer Follow up Meeting. It went really well and we all received great advice. President was also very pleased to tell us that all of the trainees were adjusting well. I know that Sister Bracken is doing really well! I love her! 

After we had a Christmas Mission Conference! It was my first time being together with the whole mission. It was super fun to see all of my old companions and other missionary friends that I have made these past 6 1/2 months! You really do make life long friends out here in the mission. I love them so much! It's funny how much more you realize you love your companions after they are gone... cause once you see them  again you get so excited! haha! As I mentioned last week, I was asked to give a musical number for the conference. I played 'Oh Holy Night' and felt really good about it! :) I had a lot of people compliment and thank me. Man... you don't realize how much you miss playing the piano (or playing soccer, etc.) until you get a real taste of it. I miss playing!!! I'm getting pretty rusty... it's sad and scary but hopefully I'll be able to pick it back up when I get home. It's all worth it though!! The best part of the Conference was that at the end President Berry read off the lyrics to a song called, 'Strength Beyond My Own', which is all about temples... and then he had us watch this gorgeous music video to the song (and of course the Bountiful temple was the first one it showed!!!). I just knew that President wouldn't torture us about talking about the beauty of the temple unless we would actually be able to go.... the thought of being able to be back inside the temple walls made me start crying. ha I MISS THE TEMPLE SO MUCH. I never thought that I would miss it THAT much. But I do. I miss the peaceful, sweet feeling of the spirit inside and ahhhh I just yearn to go back.... anyways, President Berry was being the sweet man that he is... and announced that we can now go, as a mission, to the temple once in January and once in July!!!!!!!!!!!! =D I'M SO EXCITED! Seriously... the best Christmas present that President Berry could have given us. It was such a joyous feeling hugging and crying with all these other missionaries that were also so excited to go back to the temple. It's a moment that I will never forget. It reminds me of when the Kirtland temple was first built and how the Saints gathered together rejoicing with having a temple. There really were no words to express how happy we all were when we found out. I hope that I never take the blessing of the temple for granted ever again. It has been such a big blessing in my life. "I love to see the temple.... I'll go inside... in January!!!!" haha :) 

Today we had District P-day and we made graham cracker houses!! Glad that I was able to keep the tradition going ;) We made a Florida home during Christmas.... which consists of bright colored homes, lots of green and water... and Sister Missionaries!!! ;) haha I'll have to send you a picture :) 

Well, I better go.... but I'll see you on WEDNESDAY!!!! ah!!! I'm soo excited to talk to some of you guys and see your faces!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!


Sister Kirkham

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  1. I've been called to the same mission as Sister Kirkham, do you think I could have her email and ask her a few questions? Thanks so much! :)