Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Katie shares "All within a couple hours, we had three new investigators and one new former investigator to teach! Happy Birthday to me!!!...It was definitely a gift from God."

                                                                                      December 16, 2013

I seriously can't remember much of what happened this past week…It's all a blur. haha I'll try my best to remember! 

My birthday was a very happy birthday! Thanks so much for all the sweet gifts and love that you sent my way. It means so much. I love you!! It's super weird to think that I'm the big TWO-ONE!!! ahhh.... weird!  Also weird to think that I'm now less than a year away until I'm done with my mission.... didn't I just get out here?? How in the world have I been out this long?! Hahaha! The day of my birthday we had interviews with President Berry. Everyone there greeted me with 'Happy Birthdays" and I had an interesting interview with the President! The whole interview was pretty much about online proselyting in the near future. I don't know a whole lot other than out there somewhere is a chance that we will be starting Facebook, etc. at the New Year.... we will see! Honestly, I'm a little intimidated to get on Facebook... haha! It will just be weird. I'm excited for the opportunities that are ahead to help move the work forward though :) 

After interviews, ALL of our appointments fell through... ugh. Those days aren't the best. We just followed up on our back up plans though and saw many miracles! We tried dropping by a less active's home and they weren't there so we started knocking on doors. We knocked on the 3rd door and this man named Cord came out and immediately sat us down to teach him. His mom who lives a little ways up north is reading the Book of Mormon right now and he was interested in learning more. We taught him the Restoration and he wanted us to come back. Literally FIVE seconds after leaving Cord's home, this lady was walking onto the sidewalk from getting out of her car and asked us what we were doing. We told her who we were and she invited us into her house! We went inside and taught her and her husband and they have been reading the Book Mormon! We left their place and we decided to try dropping by a former Investigator (Jason's) home who lived a couple doors down. As we were walking up to the front door, Jason leaned over the balcony above the front door saying, 'Hi'. He said that he had seen us walking around and hoped that we would come by his place. Apparently missionaries had started teaching him back in the summer but after both of those missionaries left the area, the two new missionaries that white-washed the area either lost contact or didn't try seeing him.... so he was super excited to have us there! All within a couple hours, we had three new investigators and one new former investigator to teach! Happy Birthday to me!!! haha! It was definitely a gift from God. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that so far on my mission. It was awesome :) I was very spoiled by some members in the ward as well. Brother Westcott doorbell ditched a bouquet of flowers off (and we saw the whole thing through our window hahaha), What a great guy! Ed and Michele gave me a Christmas teddy bear with the year '2013' on the foot along with a big ice cream cake from Ritter's that they handed out at a scripture study class later that night. So cute of them!! I also received a lot of  texts and calls as well. Let's just say that I felt very loved. Thank you so much for all of the cardigans and things! I will love those for the winter time. It really was such a great way to celebrate my 21 years of life! haha :) 

We had a lesson with Wayne again. His member friend from Orlando that gave us the referral came to the lesson. The spirit was super strong in the lesson. We had tried committing him to baptism before but he kept putting it off and talking about "next summer". At the end of the lesson, I had a very strong prompting to invite him to baptism. I did, and he said 'yes'! I didn't feel like it was the right timing to push him to commit a date yet though. So we are getting there ;) It was such a miracle though! He commented on how at the last lesson he wouldn't have said 'yes'. We asked him what had changed and he said that he is coming to know Jesus Christ more than he ever has in his life and it's changing him. We really are seeing changes with him and hope that things will work out for Wayne :) He's a great guy. He lost the bottom half of one of his legs last year... but he has the best attitude about it. He is actually carving out a wooden leg! It's sick! hahaha! I promise I will get a picture and send it to you :) It's just so him. He was a former sailor and he has carved out a black anchor on the front of it. So awesome. 

We went over to a less active's home called the Santana's. They fed us Puerto Rican food (super good!) and then we had a lesson with them. They opened up to us and told us why they hadn't been going to church. It was a big miracle for them to do that... they haven't told anyone else about it. We talked through things and they decided that they would go to the Ward Christmas Party and church this weekend. They went to both and I think they felt very loved, missed and welcomed back into the ward. I sure hope that they continue coming. They are a great couple. Please keep them in your prayers! 

This next week is going to be super crazy. Our whole week is pretty much already full and scheduled. That's NEVER happened to me, not even close. We are being soo blessed right now!! We are working super hard but are seeing so many blessing from doing so. :) I'm a little nervous about this next Friday though... the Assistants asked me to give a musical number at a Mission Christmas Devotional.... yes, the whole mission will be there.... first time I've been with the whole mission. ah!! There is a member in the ward that has some piano music... so I'm going to be playing a version of 'O Holy Night' on the piano... I don't have much time to practice it because of our crazy schedule... so PLEASE PRAY FOR ME. hahahaha I'm getting pretty nervous about it. I'm honored to play though! 

Well, I can't believe that we are almost a week away until I get to Skype you! ah! I'm sooo excited to talk and SEE you guys! ah it will be the best Christmas gift I could ask for :) I still don't have a specific time of day for sure of when I will Skype you guys... but keep your Skype open, ready and waiting in the afternoon. I will for sure email you next Monday with a more specific time. I love you guys so much! I hope that you are enjoying having Christmas Break. Angie, GOOD LUCK WITH FINALS! You'll be awesome, I'm sure. I love you!!!! 


Sister Kirkham

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