Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Suntan, Moving, New Investigators, and New Life as a STL!

Hey family :)

This past week went by so quickly! We had so many things jammed
In to our days that I feel like I'm trying to update you on least two weeks instead of one! Haha!

I went on my first exchange as an Sister Training Leader, ( S.T.L.,) this past week. It went so well! I went to the Waterford Lakes Ward Area for the day and witnessed a few miracles!

The Waterford Lakes Area area has had a lot of challenges with finding people to teach and they had not been able to find even ONE new investigator for over 2
transfers (3 months)! That morning, a Sister from Waterford Lakes
and I went to an appointment with a potential investigator. No one was home and so we started driving away when a car drove past us going the other way. For some
reason the thought came to my mind, “Maybe that's the ‘potential’!” That was a really weird thought because there were plenty of cars going by, but we followed the impression that we had and went back to the home only to see that same car pulling into the driveway of the “potential’s” home!! We got out of our car and met two college-aged girls. It was the potential investigator’s daughter and her friend. We talked with them for a few minutes and then they invited inside to teach them about the Book of Mormon! We were also able to get in touch with the “potential” while we were there. She had totally “spaced” the appointment. She raced home. As a result of our visit, we were able to commit all of them to read the Book of Mormon. They asked us to come back! The “potential” had previously met with other missionaries a couple times and had a basic understanding of the restoration already! We were able to find 3 new investigators within 30 minutes!! It was such a big miracle for that area. Never question thoughts and impressions that come to your mind, even if the thought seems a little strange ;) Our Heavenly Father knows all and His plan is perfect so never be afraid to follow Him :) His way brings better understanding, blessings, and makes our journey in life so much easier and so much richer!  This is true even when we still face challenges :)

Sister Cather and I move into a new apartment this past week. I have been literally living out of my very full suitcases for a week and a half, (since the transfer,) …hahaha…but all is well because we are moved into our new place now and love it! We took the senior couple’s apartment. It was a crazy day of moving them out and into another apartment and moving us out and into their old apartment!

I love working in this district and zone! Sister (Kara) Allred, who I worked with at B.Y.U., is in my district! I see here all the time and I'll be able to go on exchanges with her, and other sisters such as an old companion, and several others that I already know and love. I am even with some sisters that I spent time with  in the M.T.C.! :D

Sister Cather and I were outside of an apartment complex last week and this man came up to us asking a ton of questions about the Book of Mormon and wanting to learn more! We set up another time to talk with him. When we arrived for the appointment, he was all dressed up in a suit to talk with us... So cute! He spoke fairly good English but it was just questionable enough that we invited the Spanish sister missionaries (Sister Allred!) to come join us in the lesson so we could hand him
off to them to continue teaching. It was such a neat opportunity to teach along side Sister Allred! Who would have ever thought that we would be teaching and working together?  It was also super inspiring to me as I listened to her bear her testimony in Spanish. What a miracle it is for these 18+ year old missionaries to learn another language so quickly and be able to speak so fluently! It really is a gift of the Spirit. I felt the Spirit very strongly during that lesson and the man was super excited to be baptized into our church! He is wonderful and God has helped him prepare.

We also were able to find 3 other couples that want to learn! Such miracles! It's so amazing to see when couples can learn and find the truth together so that they can receive the blessings of eternal marriage and family. A lot of other things have happened but I have run out of time!

The weather is awesome right now. It's been in the 80s most of the past two weeks and I'm getting my tan back! Woot woot!

I love you guys so much! Thank you for all of your prayers in my behalf
 and in behalf of those that are here in Florida. Prayers are being answered!

I love you!


Sister Kirkham

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