Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Pinch me...another miracle! At the end of the rainbow today is a soccer game!



I hope that you remembered to wear green today!!! I don't have much green... but I think I'll pass the test ;) plus, Sister missionaries are invisible and no one can pinch us anyway ;) hahahaha! 

This past week was super busy. We went on two exchanges with sisters in our zone and one of the exchanges was a two-day exchange! When I first got called as a Sister Training Leader, STL, I was nervous about going on exchanges all the time and even chuckled a little at Heavenly Father’s sense of humor for giving me this calling because I was never a big fan of exchanges! Hahaha!...BUT! God is good, and I am really loving it! I love working with other sisters and learning from them. One thing that I've really wanted to emphasize as an STL is that ALL of us are imperfect and we are ALL learning. I know that there are a lot of sisters that are intimidated about exchanges because they feel like they are being evaluated or something but it's far from it!!! I feel like I need to learn so much from the other sisters! It's been really neat just being open with them and telling them that I'm there to HELP them as well as to LEARN from each of them!! Exchanges are hard because you feel like half the companionship is never fully up to speed on how our own area is going. One of us seems to always be gone but Heavenly Father is helping us! 

Sister Cather and I are working super hard. This past week we saw a lot of progress in the area. We had an investigator named, Julio, come to church! It was the first time that this area has had some at church in a long time.

I don't have much more time... but I want to share one small miracle that happened this week: 

I was on exchanges here in our area with Sister Godfrey (a sister that was in my MTC district.) We were trying to find a less active member's home and asked a woman in passing if she could give us some direction. She helped us out and about 5 minutes after we had started our lesson outside, this same woman walked by and started laughing when she realized that she was really good friends with this less active! We invited her to join us and she said that she didn't want to sit outside in the scorching 85 degree Florida weather (awww ya!) but that we could all go to her home and have a lesson!! We taught the Restoration (which is what we were planning on teaching with the less active anyway!)  This woman (named 'Z') was in awe with the story of the first vision. She just stared at the picture that we had of the first vision and said, "... That is... soooo … POWERFUL." The spirit definitely touched her. I love seeing the spirit touch people. I love to see their reaction when they first hear about the Restoration! She agreed to read the Book of Mormon and we hope to see her again soon :) 

I wish I had more time! FYI.... I'm playing SOCCER today for the first time since JULY!!!!!! =D I'm super excited... as well as a little nervous to see how rusty and out of shape I am... but it's going to be great!!!! =D 

Please keep the Goldenrod area in your prayers and that the people we are seeing will progress.

I love you so much! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! Love you!!!! Pinch Pinch!!! Haha!


Sister Kirkham

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  1. It was fun to find your blog. My daughter Aurora Pack just got called to Florida Orlando Mission. She enters the MTC on July 30th.