Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Miracles--Katie's Working Hard

                                                               April 21, 2014

Hi again :) Oh my goodness, I don't even know where to start telling you about all the miracles we have been seeing!! The Goldenrod area has really been slow and struggling for a long time... but things are really picking up and it's making Sister Pugmire and I so excited!

We have been really humbled by all the blessings that we have received. I've never had such big numbers on the mission. We currently have 10 investigators, 5 investigators coming to church, 6 members present lessons, 8 others lessons and 21 total lessons for the week. Comparing the numbers this past week to the numbers of the past year...this past week we just blew it all out of the water! I'm so happy but I
know that these blessings are coming because we are working hard so we have got to work even harder to keep them!!

Sister Pugmire and I have been really focusing on planning well and effectively and it's making a big difference. The cool thing is that we have noticed that we have been planning with the Spirit as we are seeing so many miracles come from those plans. For example, we had not heard from two of our investigators, Vivienne and Jessica, for a
week. We decided that we would make them cookies and drop them off. We went by and Vivienne let us come in and share a message with her. She cried and told us that she knew that we were sent from God. She has been going through a divorce and every time something major happens, (like sending the divorce papers in or putting a restraining order on the home,) her ex shows up and is threatening. We seem to show up at her door right after it happens. She recognizes God’s timing in it all. It was cool for us to recognize too! We were able to get back in contact with her and her daughter and they came to church on Sunday! Miracles!!

I was asked to give a talk on Easter Sunday in the ward! The topic was
how my understanding of the atonement has grown and changed since I've
been serving as a missionary. I felt so good about the talk and I know that I
received divine guidance with knowing what to focus on to help the
members of the ward as well the investigators I knew would be there. I
felt so blessed and privileged to bear my testimony of the Savior,
Jesus Christ on the beautiful morning of His Resurrection!! I'll try
and send some of my notes and the talks if I can so you can read them
:) I'm just grateful to have the knowledge and testimony that Jesus is
the Christ. Because of Him I know that we can have new beginnings, that there is ALWAYS hope for our future and who we can become, and that we can have the peace and reassurance that because Christ lives again, each one of us can live again as well... I can be with you guys FOREVER. That definitely makes this year and a half away from you guys seem super small and so worth it. I'm just happy that I can
share such a happy message with the people of Florida!!

I hope that you had a wonderful Easter as well. Please tell Grandma that she is in my prayers. This mortal experience is only a glimpse of the eternities and when we look back at this time on earth, we will see the reasons behind all things. Everything we go through is only to help us come closer to Christ, prepare us to be in the remarkable,
glorious presence of our Father in Heaven and to find JOY and BLESSINGS.. If not momentarily now, then in the future :)

I know that Christ LIVES! I'm so grateful that we are apart of His true and LIVING church!! I know that He continues to lead His church today through His prophet and apostles. There is so much to be grateful for :) Never lose that perspective. I love you!!!


Sister Kirkham

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