Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pray for Skye! Splits with Sister Pitts and Sister Allred, Blessings in Walmart!

Fam!                                                        April 29, 2014

Things are a little crazy and I won't have much time for anything
today... We are sacrificing a big chunk of our P-day to teach the
bishop’s daughter’s best friend this afternoon. We are excited to see
how it goes! It seems really promising. Please keep their friend, Skye
in your prayers. If you will, pray that she will receive us well and she will receive answers to her prayers!

This past week was a full-blown roller coaster ride of emotions. It
was fun though because I got to go on exchanges with both Sister
Pitts and Sister Allred--two of my missionary best friends! Love
them! It was weird being with Sister was like we had gone back
in time and were serving in Port Orange again! It was like I was just waiting for an appointment to come that day to go teach Ed and Michele! Haha! I miss them! Sister Allred was super fun too....but she got a serious
migraine in the middle of the day and threw up like 3-4 times... :( I
felt so bad for her! She was super positive about the whole thing
though and we were still able to have some laughter ;)

We had a huge miracle happen on Saturday. Sister Pugmire and I were
walking down a street to find people to talk to and we walked up to this man sitting outside on his front porch. We asked if we could share a scripture with him. Long story short, we were able to teach him a really solid first lesson on the restoration and commit himto be baptized on June 7th. He was willing to read the Book of Mormon and come to church the next day!!! I seriously was sooo happy. I love moments like that. I just knew that we had been placed in his life. He talked about how he had been praying just the day before for positive people and influences to come into his life and that he wanted direction because he didn't want to make a wrong choice and “go to hell.” He was super happy as well and text us later saying that he knew that we were from God and that things were already starting to work out with a struggling marriage and all this kind of
stuff.... Sister Pugmire and I were floating on a cloud! We were so happy!!!
The next morning, Sam, (the man,) text us and said that he was reading
what we assigned him before he came to church. Then he arrived at church 15 minutes early! ... Seriously--the most solid investigator ever. We had a really powerful testimony meeting and he really liked it as well.
Then we went into our Gospel Principles class. He was asking all kinds
of great questions and making all these great comments... We were so
happy!!! But....dun, dun,dun…the lesson ended up going way, way too super deep than it should have on the Abrahamic covenant. Then the lesson diverted to things such as the Word of Wisdom, pre-ordination, and onto political topics, etc., etc. Sam was so flustered. As soon as the class
ended he booked it out to the parking lot. Sister Pugmire and I chased after him. He was super frustrated and took all the deep stuff out of context and thought that we were bigoted, arrogant people that are trying to force our beliefs on other people.... Ugh! It was so bad! Sister Pugmire and I tried our best to fix the damage but it was too late. Sam wouldn't listen to us and was just super flustered. He literally kept backing away from us and wouldn't let us get closer than 5 feet to him… like we were going to cast a spell on him or something! It was soooo crushing! I've never felt so crushed by seeing something like that. Anyway, we are keeping him in
our prayers, but I really think that he is gone.

On a happier note though, we are going to be seeing Skye tonight for
the first time and she seems awesome :) The Goldenrod area is really
hard but it's improving for sure. Sister Pugmire and I are working
super hard. We keep our focus on the stake and mission goal of
teaching 20 lessons a week and WE ARE REACHING IT!!!!! This area is a
tough area. The most lessons any missionaries had taught in a week during the past year before this last transfer was 15…and that was rare. We are working our tails off. Hopefully we will be able to find some solid investigators.

I love this work so much! Missionary work brings seriously the greatest joy I have ever felt but it also brings the most crushing blows. I've learned the importance of agency and how hard it is to let people make such sad decisions but that it's the way that God wants it so we all have the chance to be happy. What a hard thing it must be for God to see His children make wrong choices that pull us away from Him. I'm so grateful for the knowledge of this gospel and that we have the opportunity to invite people to learn, pray and come to know for themselves. There is no other way to find the truth!!! I love you!!!!


Sister Kirkham

P.S. (This was part of Katie’s handwritten letter that she wrote later in on the same day.) The coolest thing happened when Sister Pugmire and I went shopping at Walmart today. We were getting ready to have our groceries rung up and this man came up to us and said that he was going to pay for our groceries! He had a son who just came home from serving in Fiji. Sister Pugmire and I were so shocked and overwhelmed that we both teared up and cried as we were standing in line. Haha! It made my whole day…to know there are still good people out I the world!!!!! It was kind of cool to be reminded of how good it feels when others are kind and serve you. It just made we want to go out and work that much harder to help others feel the way I did!! So cool!

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