Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Sweetest Mother's Day!

                                                      Mother’s Day,       May 11, 2014

It was so fun to talk to you yesterday and to see your beautiful faces!!!! You all look so great. :) It was funny how normal it felt to talk to you guys!!! It felt like we had just talked at Christmas. It's kind of spooky how fast the time is going. Thanks so much for your love and support. You don't know how much it means to have such amazing
people like you in my life. I've had a few companions that really have challenging family lives...it makes me so sad to see any of my dear companions hurt. I really see how truly spoiled and blessed I am to have you wonderful people in my life. It made me cry to see the pain my companion was experiencing trying to talk to her family on Mother's Day. I was so touched to feel of your love and support in letter and in Skype!
Wow! You guys have ALWAYS been there for me... Through EVERYTHING....even the little details in my life....whether I appreciated it in the moment or not ;) I SO appreciate it now. I couldn't ask for a better family. I thank my Heavenly Father for letting me be apart of your lives. :)

A lot of great things happened again this week!!! I went on exchanges with the College Park sisters and was serving on the UCF campus all day. It was fun but pretty intimidating too! Worldly things are just thrown right in your face and there are so many people to talk to.... You just have to pick and choose who to talk to! You really have to just let the spirit lead and guide you! I love working with Y.S.A. though. I feel like I really relate to them and the members are so excited and so willing to help out. Plus, I got free sunglasses and a t-shirt that says "summer selfie" on it... Gotta love it! Haha!

I talked about our lesson with Krystal a little bit over Skype with you...I just love her so much! We had such a powerful lesson on the Plan of Salvation with her. It was probably the most powerful "Plan" lesson I've had with someone. She was so excited to learn and hear of these simple truths for the first time! I'm continually being reminded of how blessed I am for simply knowing the basics of the our Heavenly Father’s plan for us!! The Plan of Salvation just brings us so much peace and comfort as well as grounds us in being able to see more clearly what is most important in our lives. It helps me keep that "4-minute attitude" that was talked about in this past General Conference.

We are still teaching Skye! We taught her the "Plan" this week as well and she came to church again on Sunday! She is great. There is a baptism of an 8-year old in the ward tonight. Hopefully she will be going to that to see what a baptismal service is like. After, we are going to go back over to the bishop’s home to teach her the gospel of Jesus Christ :) It should be a great night tonight :) Please pray for Skye, that she will recognize the spirit at the baptismal service and it will increase her desire to be baptized!! :)

We have many other people that we are continuing to teach but as for now, Krystal and Skye are the most promising. They are both so cute and I love them a lot. It's been a really neat experience to teach in the bishop’s home as well and get to know them better. The bishop’s wife, Sister Sharp, expressed in Relief Society yesterday, what a big blessing it has been to their family to have us teach in their home. She said talking about these simple and important truths of the gospel really brings the spirit to their home. It's helped her family so much and said that if you ever have a kid that you are worried about... to have the missionaries teach someone in your home with your child present. I do feel the spirit a lot as a missionary... It was touching and reassuring to hear the bishop’s wife talk about the spirit that we bring into their home... The simple truths of the gospel are the most powerful!!!

Well I better get going... But thank you again for such a wonderful day yesterday!! I loved to see you and talk to you :)  I can't believe that the next time I see your faces will be in the Salt Lake International Airport!!! Ah! You are always in my prayers. 

Love you :) 

Happy Mother's Day again Mom!!!


Sister Kirkham

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