Monday, June 9, 2014

June 2, 2014 letter. Pray for Bathony and Alexandra!

Family!                                                                        June 2, 2014

I hope I can remember everything that happened last week. There were quite a few things that happened that I would love to share! 

Things are getting hot and humid here.... another summer in Florida! Remind me to never come back here in the summer for vacation... hahahaha!

We had a lesson with the CUTEST little Haitian family last week. Bathony and Alexandra are not married but have two little kids and have been together since they were 15. They are so in love…they just never got around to getting married! We had a really powerful lesson reteaching the Restoration last week. The spirit told me to be very bold with them... and I told them that if in order to be with Heavenly Father again, they needed to get baptized... and in order to get baptized, they needed to get married. I was nervous to say it so boldy, but they took it really great and they committed to getting married in order to be baptized. They are so awesome!!! Please keep them in your prayers that they can get work off of Disney for Sundays and that we can help them get to baptism! We are hoping to have the bishop come out with us next week (Since he would be the one to marry them). We hope all goes well! I'm excited to see what the Lord has in store for them. Bathony and Alexandra have the most beautiful little 4-year old girl and 1-year old boy. The little girl always wants to sit right in between us sisters during the lesson and cuddles up to me. She always wants us to put my name tag on her shirt and to wear all of our jewelry during the lesson hahahaha! I love them! 

I felt like we were really directed by the spirit everywhere we went last week. Sadly, a lot of set appointments fell through, but I every time we would go out finding, the very first contact that we would come across wanted to hear more and we would teach them about the Restoration. We found another 5 new investigators last week!! Usually this area only gets like 2 a week. We have been very blessed these past couple weeks as we are trying to find those that are ready and willing to make the sacred covenant of baptism with our Heavenly Father! 

There is a man in our ward that is super gung-ho on missionary work. He's awesome! We have three solid investigators that we are teaching because of him just reaching out and inviting them to learn more! One is his neighbor, another is a man that is painting his home and another is an acquaintance that lives close by! Blessings and miracles come when you just open up your mouth and invite others!! Two of those investigators came to church yesterday and this member was so ecstatic having both of them sit with him and his family! haha! :) 

We went on exchanges with the Winter Garden sisters last week! ah! It was soooo weird to be back in home of my birth ;) hahaha! They have really changed the apartment (thank goodness). It was a nightmare when I lived there.... they have all new flooring and have finally been able to get rid of the roach problem.... shudder. I hated living there... SO NASTY!!!!!! I actually stayed in the Olympia area for the exchange, so I didn't serve in Winter Garden for the day, but I'm sure I will next transfer! It was fun to hear how everyone in the ward is doing. 

I also had my first day back doing temple service! So fun as usual :) It really sucks the energy out of you for the rest of the day though. Plus, temple service just isn't the same without some of the elders there that have now gone home :( Oh, well! It's still awesome :) 

Sister Welch and I did our first temple tour this Saturday! It was so neat to just walk around the beautiful temple grounds for a couple hours. The spirit really is so peaceful but so REAL around the temple. I just feel so blessed to have this opportunity! There was a Chinese family that was driving by the temple on Saturday and they were in such awe with its beauty that they stopped and all wanted to go on a tour to learn more. Sadly, they didn't agree with the Book of Mormon, but it's amazing how the spirit of the temple really does draw so many people to it! The highlight of last Saturday was that I got to see the Westcott's at the temple!!!! It made my whole day to see them!!!! =D I love and miss them all so much. It was great to hear that the Stress's, Krystal and Dakota are all doing so well :) 

So crazy news of the week..... There was a ward activity Saturday night and President gave us permission to be there for investigators that would be there.... and guess what else he gave us permission to do... WATCH FROZEN. Crazy right?! It was the cutest thing I have like ever seen.  Hahaha! I don't know why, but I feel like all of my emotions were in extreme as a missionary watching that movie, I cried at the beginning and was splitting my sides through the rest hahahaha! I loved it! Honestly though, it felt so weird to sit down and watch a movie. I was pulling out my planner and phone the whole time trying to do things productively hahaha! 

I'm sorry I don't have more time to write... we have District P-day today!!! But know how much I love you!!! 

Things are going pretty well here, we are just working hard at finding people to teach. Please keep us in our prayers that we will be guided to those that are ready. 

I love you!!!!! 

-Sister Kirkham

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