Monday, June 9, 2014

Record breaking week--24 lessons, 11 member-present lessons

                                                                                                June 9, 2014

I'm so sorry... I'm running out of time to email... I have to admit that I spent a big part of my time sending an email for Jane's wedding!!! It seriously won't hit me that I'm missing Jane's wedding until I come home in December and see that ring on her finger... I've cried a little bit in the Family History Center today. I miss her so much but I'm SOOOO happy for her!!!! She looks so beautiful and so happy! Since when were we old enough to marry? Who knew?! 

This past week was FULL of great things!! This is the best week that I've ever had number wise on the mission. We taught 24 lessons, 11 of those were member-present lessons and Sister Welch and I are just on fire here in Olympia!! We have been working super hard to get this area moving and things are coming! 

I don't even know where to begin... so I'll just start with the biggest miracle that happened this week! 

There is a 30-year old part-member couple that have been like the dream people to teach for all missionaries here in this area. They are just perfect in every way. Well, for many months missionaries as well as the home teacher have gone in to a lesson with full intent to invite them to meet with missionaries... but during their visits the spirit would tell them not to.... well, last night their home teacher asked us to come along for the home teaching lesson... and we didn't know what to expect or what his plans were because he wouldn't tell us... which was a little nerve racking... but long story short, the spirit was super strong in the room and the home teacher invited the husband, Dave, to take the lesson from us :) The spirit was super strong and I felt impressed to share with him the scriptures James 1:5 and a scripture on the "still small voice" in Kings. After we had read James 1:5, he said that scripture has always pressed on his mind because that was the first scripture that his wife had ever recited to him when they first were getting to know each other. Then we talked about the power of the Holy Ghost and how it usually isn't a big feeling that shakes you awake but a small, good feeling inside. We then asked if he would say the closing prayer and ask to come to know if the things we are teaching are true by the spirit. We all knelt in prayer and he offered it... sooooo powerful!!!! You guys, I'm not kidding when I say this..... if Dave becomes a member of the church... he will one day be AT LEAST a bishop. He is amazing. I feel so honored yet a little intimidated and humbled that Heavenly Father has given me this amazing opportunity to teach him.... but I'm SOOOO EXCITED!!! 

Just so show how cool he is I want to try and recap a story of him and his wife before they married a couple years ago: 

Both Dave and his wife are major runners and athletes. Sister Helsel (his wife) was running in a Boston Marathon a couple of years ago. It was one of the hottest days (record breaking heat!) for a marathon. She had only run about half of the marathon and was very hot and exhausted. Dave was waiting to cheer her on at about mile 17 and when he saw her he knew that she was in trouble and was really guess what he did? In his normal everyday clothes, he jumped into the race and ran along side her, giving her words of encouragement and support by always being by her side.... and they were able to finish the race!!!!! It touched me so much in two ways.... 1. That is a sign of true love right there... 2. It made me think of how the Savior does that for us all the time. He knows when we are struggling and I know that He is ALWAYS by our side... whether we realize it or not. He walks (or runs) with us, trying to guide us and give us strength to make it to the finish line. 


Well, sadly I'm out of time... but I'll try and write more later!!! 

I love you all so much! Once again, please give Jane (and Alex!) a big hug for me and tell her that I love her. 


-Sister Kirkham

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