Thursday, September 4, 2014

Feeling better, working hard

Hey Family :)                                                     September 1, 2014

A lot happened again this week!

Monday: We took Michelle on a tour of the church building and at the end talked to her in the chapel. I love the chapel. One thing that I have noticed a lot on my mission is the spirit that truly is in the chapel.... the spirit is within the whole building... but there is something so neat and special about the chapel. We talked to Michelle about the sacrament. She doesn't have much knowledge of anything... she didn't even know what the last supper was or what the sacrament stood for. She has such a strong desire to learn and come closer to Christ though!! It was really neat to teach such simple doctrine to Michelle about the Atonement and all that he has done for us so that we can come to church every Sunday and receive the blessings of the sacrament. I'm so grateful for my Savior... I'm so grateful that I have the ability to CHANGE. There is so much joy that comes within our hearts as we allow the Atonement refine us and change us into a better son or daughter of God.

Tuesday: I was on exchanges with a sister from the Conway area. They have been really struggling as a companionship and so we had to have a talk with them... As much as I don't like being the bad cop or the "mom" of some of these sisters that I have stewardship over… I really do find so much joy in helping them.

Wednesday: We had another MLC and Elder Patten, who has been my District leader, Zone Leader, and an AP for 9 months gave his departing testimony. It was so powerful!! He bore a powerful testimony of the joy that comes to this work as we forget ourselves and give all to the Lord. There was one thing that he said that really hit me. When he first had become Zone Leader he was talking to President Berry and said that he was having a hard time with the added responsibilities as well as trying to help his area. President gave him such great advice and said that as a leader we are to find joy and success in our missionaries' success. If we truly love and care about them... we will rejoice more for their success than our own. I have been trying to be more diligent at praying for each sister by name every night and I've noticed such a significant difference in my love for each one of them, I'm more aware of their current needs and I have received more guidance of knowing how to more effectively help them in their work. There is so much power in prayer!! As Preach My Gospel says, Charity is a GIFT that we need to continually ask God to have.

Also, at MLC I was asked to give the Special Musical Number. I played an arrangement of "I know Heavenly Father Loves Me". Man.... I can't tell you how much I miss playing and performing. It felt so good to play again and to know that it had touched those that heard it. It was funny.. after I played, Elder Flood, the other AP stood up to continue the meeting and he was like in a daze reminiscing about his dad. That was his dad's favorite primary song. Everyone began laughing as he shook himself out of the daze hahahaha!

We had great miracles happen with getting people to church this weekend!! We had three people come and we were expecting 4! Dave and Frank came and stayed for the second hour of church for the first time!! They both enjoyed it and were enlightened by the things that were said. Marvin was suppose to come... but he didn't show for some reason :( Keep him in your prayers. We will be figuring out more later. We had another miracle this week though! On Thursday evening we were out contacting and met Randall. Honestly... I didn't think twice about him after we had contacted him because.. well... he is one of those people that you ask one question and 30 minutes later you are still standing there talking about his health and crazy stories from his past... haha! We were only able to slip in a few words, give him a card with our number and time of the church and invited him to go. Well, Saturday, we got a call from Randall telling us that he wanted to come to church and wanted to know if he needed to wear a suit! He came to church, stayed all three hours and loved it! We will be teaching him next week. It was a good reminder to me that I really don't know who is prepared and willing to act and whose not. It's not up to me to judge, but just do all that I can to continually reach out and invite all those around me to learn more.

Saturday I was on exchanges in the Lake Reams area. It was a great exchange! I have been nervous for that companionship all three transfers that I have been here. We talked a lot about faith and expecting things to happen as we do all that we can. We went out and talked and found so many great people!! The sister I was with was shocked by the great day that we had. I hope that exchange helped her have a better view and faith of the potential in her area. Earlier that day we actually did service for some members in the Lake Reams ward. I had the opportunity to have lunch and do yard work for the Smart family!!! yes... Elizabeth Smart's aunt and uncle. It was really neat! They are such good people.

Well, I'm out of time... but so many great things are happening here in Olympia and I'm sad of the thought of leaving this area in 3 weeks.... but I also can't believe that I will most likely be seeing Sister Cami Horrocks in 3 weeks at transfers!!! ah! That will be so neat.

I love you all so much. Good luck with school starting up this week. Can't believe that another school year is starting. I feel so grateful and blessed for the miracles that have been happening here in Olympia and the great things that are in store here. I love this work and that God loves me enough that he cares more for my growth than for my temporary happiness. I know that when trials come... they are for my ETERNAL happiness and I have definitely seen that happen in my time here in Olympia.

Have a great week. I love you!!!


Sister Kirkham

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