Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Staying in Olympia! Welcome Sis. Cami Horrocks!

Family!                                            September 22, 2014

First off, transfers are this week... and I'm NOT being transferred!!!! I've never been so torn in my life for staying in my area or going to the transfer meeting... hahaha! I really wanted to go to the transfer meeting because so many of my missionary friends are going home tomorrow. Ed and Michele are planning on going to the meeting to say 'goodbye' to Sister Pitts and I wanted to see Sister Horrocks soooo bad!!!!! But, I know I'll see her soon enough :) Not sure when, but she very well could get called to the Orlando South area. There are a couple of sisters here that are going to be trained :) Keep your fingers crossed that I'm her STL! She will probably land here in Florida within the next several hours. It's sooo weird to think that she will be with President and Sister Berry so soon. Weird! I'm SUPER happy and feel at peace about staying here in the Olympia ward for another transfer. I just feel like I have been working sooo hard in this area and literally giving it all that I have and we have seen so many blessings this past transfer and so much potential for this upcoming one! I'm excited to see what great miracles and blessings we will see these next 6 weeks :) 

One thing that is so crazy to me: I have 12 weeks left. ah. That's as long as Cami's training...weird. 

We saw some great things happen again this week! 

Michelle: We had a Family Home Evening over at the bishop's home and it went really well! She is so cute and everyone that meets her, loves her. We also had a lesson on the Word of Wisdom and she took it like a champ. She hardly has any problems at all and she said that whatever God wants her to do, she will do it. She has so much intent and commitment to follow God. I just love her! We are still praying that she will be able to get some Sundays off of work so that she can come to church. Yesterday, she called and said that she was going to work her hardest to get off work at 4 so that she could make it to see a baptism. She made it and was just sooo excited! She looked at the baptismal program. It said, "The Baptism of so-and-so (the man getting baptized)”... she asked, "Will I get a program like this?" We told her yes. She then asked, “People are going to come see me get baptized?” We replied, “yes.” She was just so in awe with it all and soooo excited. I love her! Please continue to pray for her that we can figure things out with her work so she can come to church and continue coming to church after her baptism easily. She needs all the prayers we can get! 

We had a lesson with Cheyenne and talked about the commitment and importance of making and keeping covenants. We talked about her baptism and the promises you make and she understand and was excited to continue coming to church. Well, Saturday night she got in a big argument with her mom and she couldn't come to church... we have had plenty of conversations with her mom and she was super supportive with Cheyenne getting baptized and all that before. We aren't sure what's going on. We are going over tomorrow night to talk with her and her mom about things. I'm a little nervous about it but I hope that things work out. Please pray for that as well! Cheyenne was so bummed... 

Marvin: He was probably the biggest miracle of the week. We taught him earlier this week a couple times and he just loves the Book of Mormon. I have been teaching him for 3 months now and the biggest struggle has been getting him to church. He committed himself to come to church on Sunday... and HE CAME!!! It was a miracle!!! Poor guy was literally sweating BUCKETS. His maroon shirt was SOAKED in sweat because he was so nervous.... :( :( I felt so bad! We had tried multiple times to try and take him on a tour of the church building so that he would feel more comfortable coming to church but he always said he didn't need it or want it.... hahaha, anyway... he came and he absolutely loved church. :) :) I definitely think that he will be coming back around more often. Him going to church on Sunday was kind of the make it or break it with him.... but he made it and we are excited to see him this next week and talk to him more about it. He was just beaming after church. 

Randall: We had a talk on baptism with him this past week. We thought that we had lost him for a little bit because he wouldn't answer his door or respond to our calls. Saturday night he text us saying that he wasn't going to church on Sunday and he wouldn't tell us why. We asked if he was home so that we could drop by for a few minutes and he said that he wasn't home… so we decided that we would go buy his favorite treat in the world... Jalepeno Cheetos, leave them on his front porch, and heart attack his door. Hahahaha as we were walking away from his front door.... he pulled up in the driveway! Heaven sent! We were able to talk with him and he said that he was just trying to sort everything out in his head. We left it up to him whether he should go to church but told him that he knew where he needed to be. The next morning we decided to drive by to invite him to church again and as we were pulling up to his home... we saw Randall, dressed up in his suit, getting in his car. From the car window we yelled out... "Randalllll!!!!!!!" We were sooooo happy to see him coming to church!!! He just had this sheepish little look on his face that we caught him coming to church :) hahahahah! It was seriously the funniest thing. I wish I had it on video. Sister Gonzalez and I were just laughing and so happy that whole way back to the church. He really liked church as well :) 

One of the spiritual moments of the week was meeting with our Muslim friend, Omar. We talked about Jesus Christ being the Savior.... it was such a neat lesson. He has made some bad choices in his life and he feels really guilty about it. We testified of the Savior and that He can take that away from Him. I felt the spirit so strongly as I told him that literally the ONLY thing that took the pain and guilt away from me was Jesus Christ. It was such a good lesson and he could feel it so strongly! We told him that the spirit is what testifies of God and Jesus Christ and helped him recognize it. He said that last time that he met with us he left feeling so much more happy and he couldn't explain the feelings... it was so neat to be able to help him recognize that and to testify of the power of the Atonement. That is truly my favorite thing to teach and to help people apply into their lives. 

I'm out of time... but I love you all sooooo much!!! Thanks for all that you do for me. I know that Jesus is the Christ. I know that it is only through him that we can feel the love of God and become who He wants us to be :) 

I love you!

-Sister Kirkham

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