Monday, October 13, 2014

October 3, 2014 General Conference and Meet the Mormons!

This past week was such a spiritually filled week! I hope that everyone enjoyed General Conference as much as I did. There are so many things to learn from the prophet and the leaders of the church. I truly can feel so much of our Father in Heaven's love for us as we hear these humble men bare testimony of our Savior and this restored gospel. I also can't believe that this past weekend marked TWO years since the missionary age change.... who would have ever thought that morning two years ago when we heard the age change that I would be out 16 months on a mission in Orlando, Florida? I remember bursting through the garage door as I had been listening to General Conference on the radio as I was driving home from BYU that weekend and feeling such an amazing feeling of excitement and spirit of this work. I remember talking with my parents and telling them the feelings that I had that this might be something I needed to do... as you all may know, my decision to come on a mission was not easy.... but I will forever be grateful for the decision that I made to come. It reminds me of a talk given this past weekend by Elder Carlos A. Godey on how even the smallest choices that we make will make a lasting impact on our future.... deciding to serve a mission was definitely was a BIG decision that has left the BIGGEST impact in my life. There is no other choice in my life that has brought more fulfillment and joy than that. I know that the leaders of the church truly are inspired men of God. I know that as we pray about the council that they give us, the promptings that we have received and then have the faith and courage to LIVE it we will gain a stronger confidence and knowledge of this restored gospel and our living prophet and apostles. They speak truth. :)
I have so much more to say about General Conference! I felt the spirit so strong as Elder Packer started off Conference Saturday morning. It touched me so much to see his strong spirit and will to bare testimony of Christ and to gain stronger personal strength although his physical well being is diminishing with age.
President Uchtdorf... wow. He just brought it home in both the General Women's Conference last week and this past weekend. I am so grateful for personal revelation that we can receive more and more light and the fullness of truth as we diligently seek, ponder, ask God and then LIVE those teaches. I have seen that so much on my mission and I'm so excited to continue to diligently learn for the rest of my live to come to know my Father in Heaven and Savior.
Elder Holland just wanted me to run out the door and find the first person in need that I could find. Anyone else? haha :)
President Eyring just is the most tender hearted man ever. I love him so much. I sure hope that I have and will continue to make my parents "exceedingly glad" as I receive my own confirmation revelation of things they and other examples in my life have taught me.
I thought it was super fun to hear Elder Hamula of the Seventy speak because I was just having zone conferences, and MLC meetings with him a few months ago! I know that as we go to church to partake of the sacrament that it truly is showing our Father in Heaven that we are remembering Christ... that we are covenanting to always remember Him throughout the week and, bare witness of Him through word and deed and to allow the Atonement to refine and sanctify us. What an amazing blessing. I have gained such a deep love and appreciation for Christ and the sacrament as I have been on my mission.
I of course LOVED Elder Bednar's talk when he was addressing all the nonmembers about why us as latter-day saints are so enthusiastic to share the gospel sometimes... hahaha :) it was wonderful :)
We had a whole middle row bench full of our investigators both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend. MIRACLE. It was soooo cool!!! Randall watched all 4 sessions... what. He was taking all kinds of notes and was soaking it all up. Marvin, Michele (her first time to church!), Ron and two member referrals came as well!! :) Dave stayed at home and watched it with his wife there. There is no better way for them to gain a testimony of the restored church than to hear and feel the spirit of truth from our inspired leaders.
So funny side note: Yesterday was the weirdest day ever. There was not a SINGLE cloud in the sky.... I have NEVER EVER seen that in Florida... and the weather was in the 60's and 70's... with a cool breeze. There was like no humidity (at least it felt that way).. it felt like UTAH!!!!! what. It was a dream. hahahaha who would have ever thought that I would be so happy about the weather dropping? haha!
It was a great week and I'm excited to see what else is in store. This next weekend is a special weekend for me... because it is Michele's year mark since she was baptized (October 12th). I cannot believe that it has been a whole year... but I'm so proud of her and Ed and all that they have done to follow Christ. They just bring me so much joy. I love them!
I had MLC this past week and the exciting thing is that we had the opportunity to watch Meet the Mormons! woot woot! It is a well done movie and really touching. I would recommend going to see it! It does a good job of not pushing our faith on anyone... just seeing how much joy and goodness comes to the lives of those that live it :) 

Well, I better get going.... but know how much I love you and am so grateful for the family that I have that is centered on Christ. How was I ever so blessed to grown in a home with the restored gospel in my life with such wonderful people to be my example? :)
I love you!!!!
-Sister Kirkham

P.s. Tell grandma a happy happy birthday for me :) and that I love her! Give her a big hug and kiss :) xoxo

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