Thursday, October 23, 2014

Stake 5K, Ed and Michele, Pumpkins and More...

                                                      October 20, 2014

There is so much to say in so little time!

Monday we had a District P-day! It was fun to carve pumpkins and dress up in costumes! woot woot! Later that night we went to our ward mission leader’s home for dinner and their kids had just gotten these little sister missionary figurines... and they were like an exact replica of Sister Gonzalez and I.... including the color of our outfits we were wearing that day... it was super funny!!! Hahahaha!

We had several great lessons this week ;)

Frank is doing great! We had a lesson with him and Brother Scott on the temple grounds and it was sooo powerful!!! We covered different concerns that he had... and he was very tearful through the whole lesson because he was continuing to be touched by the spirit so strongly. He said the closing prayer and choked up really bad. It was really sweet. As Frank puts it, he is "a marshmellow on the inside." :) haha I love him! He really is such a cool investigator because he is smart and knows the gospel but he has an open mind and recognizes the spirit. He called us later that day to thank us for the lesson and to tell us that he had come that day with several different concerns and every single one of the concerns was address without him saying a word. How cool is that? Sometimes I forget how amazing it is to be set apart and called to be an instrument in God's hands to do HIS work.... when we trust Him and just follow the spirit we can do so much. His plan is so perfect and He knows each one of His children so perfectly.

Saturday was an amazing day but also an emotional one!! In the morning all the missionaries in our district met at the church with other people in the stake for the Orlando South 5K. It felt sooo good to just go RUN!!!! We were able to start and finish the race across the street from the temple, which was pretty fun. I was feeling it though! I'm excited to be able to do that on my own free time and get back in shape. All the elders dressed up in the shirt and tie with running shorts and the sisters made shirts :) super fun! The best part was being able to run with Dave and Theresa!! Well, not WITH them,  because they smoked everyone... but they were so cute to be cheering me on near the finish line and to have a good time chatting and cheering others on after I had finished. Super fun! :)

After the race I WENT TO LUNCH WITH ED AND MICHELE!!!!! Let me just tell you I was a like a little girl on Christmas. I was soooo excited to see them :) :) I can't believe that it has been 8 months since I had seen them last. That went by super fast. That's like half my mission time! It was so good to see them though. They are doing amazing :) The coolest part.... Ed baptized someone just two days before!!!! =D He has been going out with the missionaries a lot and was a great fellowship for this man that got baptized. This man was also about Ed's age, and was a former cop. There were a lot of other great similarities as well and Ed just kept repeating over and over again, "Two years ago you couldn't have paid me to believe that I would be doing this today." :) The Atonement has changed him and Michele is so many amazing ways and their marriage and everything is just going beautifully!!! Michele is doing well in the Relief Society Presidency, giving talks in sacrament and in Relief Society a few times. Ed is doing missionary work. He has received the Melchizedek Priesthood and is teaching a primary class of 10-11 year olds :) It just hit me just how amazing this work is.... you truly have no idea how much of an impact you leave on the world as you reach out to help even just one person.... the blessings are IMMEASURABLE! To think that because we helped Michele we were able to help Ed and because of Ed and Michele they have blessed countless people lives including this newly baptized member. Isn't that amazing? My mind can't fully wrap around how amazing this gospel is and how perfect God's plan is. To be honest, I was pretty emotional both Saturday and Sunday after seeing them...but it really was tears of joy. :)

One sad note though.... Ed and Michele told me that they were planning on getting sealed in the temple on December 6th or something...that way I could go and so could Sister Pitts (who is now home) because she is returning with her family that week.... well, they heard that the temple is closed down for cleaning and for the holidays that week so they can't do it then. They also can’t get sealed on the week of Thanksgiving, (which is the earliest they could do it after Ed's one year mark,) because "the Judge"-Brother Henderson,(who introduced Michele to the church,) will be out of town with his family that week. So, the earliest they can do it is on like January 6th.. or something like that -- the very next day after we leave! I'm double checking on the day with Michele and need to hear back from her but that totally burst my bubble! …but it's ok. I'm just happy that they are so set on being sealed. They love each other and they need this beautiful day :)

Sorry, but I’m out of time! Please keep the investigator, Michele, in your prayers; that her husband will be ok with her getting baptized. She should be having her baptismal interview this week and getting baptized the end of next week if all works well :) She is so excited!!!

I love you guys! Thanks for all that you do.

-Sister Kirkham

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