Monday, June 17, 2013

Last email from the MTC, June 14, 2013



oooooh my goodness! I have SO many emails and updates this week! It's so much fun but shortens email time up sooo much! I'll try to write as FAST as I can! Things have been SO awesome here at the MTC this week. I can't believe how fast this week has gone by. The first couple days here went by soooo slow. Now I can't seem to keep track of the time! I just came back from the temple for the 2nd time here. It has been amazing going to the temple with all of these missionaries. Last week when I went I had a really amazing spiritual experience. I felt the spirit super strong. I had such a warm feeling inside of me confirming to me that this is where I belong. I also began to cry we prayed for all of the missionaries. It was such an amazing moment to sit with so many kids my age that are giving up their lives for 2 years to the Lord and to realize how much we are really prayed for. I truly feel and believe that God is in my heart and that angels are round about me while I'm doing this work. It is the most amazing feeling that I have ever experienced and I don't want it to ever go away! I'm just shaking a little now typing it! I just feel the spirit so strongly here. I will miss the MTC for that reason... however I think I'll be ok leaving the food behind ;)


My companion and I have been teaching a nonmember, BYU student from Chicago. The first lesson did not go well AT ALL!!! He knew the Bible like the back of his hand and refused to even listen to us when we talked about reading from another book. While preparing for our second lesson with him, I have no doubt that we received revelation on how to prepare for it.... we felt really strongly to talk in more depth about how the Book of Mormon and Bible go hand in hand. We shared scriptures with him from both books, told him brief history of Lehi and his family coming to the Americas and how that is how the Book of Mormon came to be over time. We then read 3 Nephi when Christ came to the Americas. The spirit was so strong when reading the story. The investigator became thoughtful and said that he would study from both the Book of Mormon and Bible! YAY!!! It was such a confidence builder and my faith grew so much knowing that if I'm doing all I can that God will do the rest. I'm not sure what will happen to him, but I know that the spirit stirred something inside of him.


Singing in the choir at the Marriott Center was AWESOME!! There were so many voices! The spirit was very strong while singing 'Called to Serve'. I loved it! The message was given by Elder Arnold of the 70. What I liked the most about his message was having NO REGRETS. It motivated me so much and I am so determined to work my hardest out there.


I've become really close with my district. All the girls are coming to Orlando with me but the Elders are going to Washington :( :( I'm going to miss them! But I'm so excited to meet the new missionaries out in the field! I can't believe that I only have 2 full days left here in Utah... goodbye mountains! goodbye nasty MTC food! goodbye BYU! goodbye family! goodbye dry skin and HELLO FLORIDA STORMS! ;) hahaha


How is Angie doing with her wisdom teeth out? Does she have chipmunk cheeks?? ;) hehehe someone. PLEASE. send. me. a. picture. hahahaha! I'm going to try and send pictures... but I don't know if it's going to work! I'll try my best cause I want you to see what's been going on!!!!


I fly out Monday morning. We are to leave the MTC around 5:30 a.m. for the airport. Our flight is at 9:40 and we should land in Florida (in FL time) at 4:10. PLEASE have your phones on you!! I'll try and call the home phone. If not, I'll call Dad’s, then Mom’s, and then Angie’s but I don't want to be spending all of my call minutes trying to get in touch with you! I got a call card today and saw Haley Gardner btw!! I'm not sure when I'll be able to call... but expect it in the morning sometime. I'm so excited to talk to you! love you guys :)


So I've been really frustrated that there are NEVER any girls that get together to play soccer on the MTC fields! It's always elders... and I can't play soccer with the elders! Most frustrating things ever.... Soooo yesterday, I got a bunch of girls together (most don't play soccer...) and we played!!!! YES!!! I had been DYING watching the elders play while I had to do something lame like run around the field, play volleyball or frisbee... YUCK. So gym was 10x better yesterday! ;)


I got a huge package from both Kristi Langford and the BYU Admissions Office! soooo cute of them! I don't have Kristi's address... does anyone have that so I can send her a thank you?! I will send the Admissions Office one. I have that address in my head forever ;) I have so much junk food though! So I have been sharing it with my district and with a big majority of the zone haha


I really can't think of anything that I need right now. I really just love hearing from you guys and staying updated on how you are doing :) Thank you SO much for all of the letters this past week. You don't know how much it means to get one out here!! It's either the highlight of your day to get one or the downer of the day to not get one.. hahaha so thank you :)


I'm so happy to hear that people are looking out for our family right now. How cute of them to leave tissue boxes on the porch! Last week was insane for sure for you guys. What are the plans for summer?


I've been staring at the mountains today soaking in their beauty. I'm going to miss them! Not only because they are gorgeous but because I know which way I'm facing!!! haha! I'm going to have to really know my directions out in Florida... ah!


I've seen Mandi TWICE! Such a fun surprise. The first time she found me while I was at the devotional. Love that girl. I'll miss her but I'm so excited to get together afterwards and share our experiences as well as hear her speak Spanish! that will be weird..!


(I'll try and send pics now in another email) I'll be on for another 20 minutes to try and do that! love you!!! :)


I'll talk to you next from the FL!!!!!




Sis. Kirkham

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