Sunday, June 2, 2013

Visiting the Hawaii Temple

Visiting the Hawaii Temple was awesome! Angela, my younger sister, and I are enjoying the most gorgeous view on the island :)

Our family met the temple president and his kind wife. He told us the following miraculous story about his temple.

The lumber for the original temple came by a miracle. At the end of WWII, the Saints in Hawaii fasted and prayed for a temple. It was approved. However, lumber was hard to get which meant, no lumber = no temple. Then a barge floated up a bay close to the temple and ran up on the shore. It was unusual for any ships to come into that bay. The tide started going out and the captain was concerned that his ship would be grounded. He was desperate to get the weight of his cargo off his ship so he could get ship moving in the water again. He put a call out to the local people asking for help. He told the locals that they could keep anything they took off his ship. It just so happened that his cargo was lumber. The Saints responded immediately to his plea. That lumber was used in building the temple. This story was told by President Monson at the re-dedication of the Hawaii Temple 2 years ago.

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