Monday, September 2, 2013

August 25, 2013 Letter, meeting with Sister Kara Allred!

Hey family :) 

This past week has definitely been the fastest week on the mission so far. It's so crazy. I swear I was just here at the stake center emailing you last week!! Which by the way, the stake center is directly across the street from the temple. loooove it! :) 

We had Zone Conference this past week. My first one! It was pretty fun. Sister Kara Allred and her companion picked us up bright and early so that we could go to it together (we were on bikes that week...) The ZC was good! A lot of our leaders spoke and I had fun getting to know other missionaries. At the end of the conference the President talked about Moroni's 'Title of Liberty' and showed a Orlando Florida Mission banner that was to be our own 'Title of Liberty'. On the banner it says, "Do your personal best - leave your mark!" and then we left our thumb print and name on the banner :) Kind’ve fun! We also talked about the Godhead and how important it is that our investigators first understand the Godhead before they can understand the restored gospel. They shared a talk from Elder Holland concerning the Godhead... so of course it was super good and very powerful! We are actually planning on implementing that into our lesson with Mike tonight. Hopefully that will go well :) 

District Prep day was a lot of fun! We did glow in the dark mini golf. It was super fun! It was 12 elders and then Sister Hoyt and I... hahaha kinda funny. It was fun to be with the elders though. Sister Hoyt and I were talking about how much more fun elders are than sisters. Elders know how to have fun! If there had been 12 sisters and 2 elders.... it just wouldn't have been as fun. haha We kept score and I took 5th out of the 14 missionaries there... not too shabby! After golfing we had lunch at Fuddruckers, a burger joint. 

I also went on exchanges with the Sister Higley this week! She is super cute and we had fun talking all day. haha I went to their place in Bueno Vista and got to enjoy having a gym for once! It was so nice haha Sister Higley is very laid back and comfortable in the way she teaches and I feel like ever since the exchange I have felt a lot more comfortable and laid back in my own teaching as well. Exchanges really help you so much! I learned a lot and it was a lot of fun to see another area. Angela, you will be jealous to hear that we drove right by the entrance to Disney World... hahaha 

This past week was super weird and not so good number wise... partly because of all the meetings and things that went on this week. Yesterday was such a miracle filled day though! John came to church for the first time!!! YAY!!! The topic in church was the blessings that come from Church and the temple. It was such a perfect subject for him to hear. After church we got invited to Ward Council for the FIRST TIME EVER! Amazing. We were only in there for about 5 minutes... but that was a miracle all in itself.

We had dropped by to teach the first lesson to a potential the other day and the man canceled on us.. but as we were there his roommate, Carlos, saw our pamphlets as he walked by and asked if he could have some. We talked to him a little and were able to meet with him again yesterday. He had read the pamphlets, has a very sincere desire to come closer to God and we were able to set a baptismal date with him for September 14th! Hopefully things will go well as we teach him. He is so cool. 

One frustrating thing about our ward is that we NEVER receive member referrals... but we got FOUR this week and three came yesterday! WHAT?! so crazy. We were super excited to receive them. 

Last night we dropped by a less active member, Sister Phillips. She hasn't been to church for four years, ever since her husband died. She was a temple worker and everything! We had a very powerful discussion with her on the importance of church. She told us that the main reason why she hasn't been coming to church is because church reminds her of her husband. I felt really prompted to tell her about how a member in the ward had seen angels standing behind us sisters as we spoke several weeks ago and promised to her that there are angels in Christ's churches and temples and that her husband will be there with her, rejoicing to have her back. It was really cool. 

Today, the Brazilians elders have put together a big game of soccer outside.... =D so I'm going to go play! woohoo! I'm so excited. I'm probably terrible now... but it doesn't matter. It will feel good to just get out and run haha How are things going now that Angie is all moved out?! that is sooo weird but I'm SO excited for her!!! Please fill me in on all the details! AH! You are all in my prayers. I love you so much!!!! Now that I know that Angie is moved in.... you have no more excuses to not write me anymore... so write me!! :( haha! 

As hard as the mission is.... I love it. I had a strong testimony of this church before I left, but my love for this church and for the Savior just grows deeper and deeper every day. Please stay close to Savior and strive to feel His love more in your life. He will help through all the trials and hard times as well as all the good times to come. He loves you!!! and so do I :) MUAH!!!!
Love, Sister Kirkham

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