Sunday, September 29, 2013

Text from Ron Jessup re: friends having dinner with Sis. Kirkham

Dear Ron Jessup texted Kent the following forwarded text from his daughter and son-in-law:

"The following text is from our daughter and son-in-law's friends Chewy and Adina who are in Florida as he attends chiropractic school.

"FWD: we have Steven's friend Katie Kirkham, who is on her mission, in our house right now for dinner. She says "Hi," to Kristin. Apparently she loves the Jessup's. Of course who wouldn't. LOL!"

So fun to hear that our dear daughter, Sis. Kirkham has been recently transferred to New Smyrna Beach, Florida and is being blessed by past, present, and new relationships. From the Kirkham's to Chewy and Adina: Thank you for watching out for our daughter! You are so sweet to treat her and Sis. Pitts to dinner. God bless!

Thank you Ron! As they say in Orlando, "It's a small world after all!"

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